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Tea Espresso machine- Tea Reve

What makes Tea Reve Espresso Machine so unique?

The Tea Reve Espresso Machine is a fully customized tea machine where the temperature, pressure, water volume, and extraction interval can all be adjusted. Our machine is designed with the focus of commercial application in mind. We want our user to be able to easily adapt this equipment into their complex business operation. We also have hybrid models for both tea and coffee applications. It is the perfect machine for restaurant or businesses that is operating on a tight space.

We will provide all the recipe and related tea products as well as a complete training course here at our main headquarter on purchase.

Tea Reve Espresso Machine- A tea dream comes true...




Business Operation

  • Patented Tea Porta Filter
  • Adjustable brewing pressure and tea quantity
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Automatic error detection on intial turn-on
  • Independent auto back flushing system for easy cleaning
  • Raised group head for large cup applications
  • Patented Multi-section pre-infusion feature
  • Adjustable infusion time/interval,
  • Adjustable infusion water quantity
  • Built-in Pressure Gauge
  • Overheating Protection Program
  • Pre-heat energy-saving boiler system
  • Pre-programmable buttons for customized menu needs
  • Patented water and steam knobs design
  • Pull and turn for easy operation
  • Dual boiler setup for specific dual coffee and tea model
  • Adjustable temperature for each boiler to insure brewing quality
  • Contemporary European design 
  • Fully stainless steel 

Dream Series D2 Model


D2 model consists of 2 group head design.

-D2 Series Model comes in dual tea or one tea/one coffee group head design.

Dream Series D3 Model


D3 model consists of 3 group head design

-The Group Head can be customized for 3 tea or two tea and one coffee design.

-Customize units can include a large volume tea brewing head. Brew 2Liter of tea in under 3 minutes.*

*For none in stock or customized units, the lead time can take 90- 120 days.

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