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Peach Oolong Tea
Earl Gray Black Tea
Peach Melon Green Tea

White Grape Oolong

Royal Earl Gray Tea

Mixed Melon Green Tea

Item Code                                    TF019

This is one of our most popular blends. A fresh sense of white grape blended into our premium Oolong tea. The mellow aroma of the white grape blends in well with the tea.

Item Code                                    TF01

A sip of this Earl Gray based black tea brings you the feeling of royalty. As if the tea itself can crown your moment. It is the wonderful mix of class and passion. Best Served with milk or cream.

Item Code                                    TF01

It is a type of Melon alright... The melon flavor is so unique that even the pickiest tea taster cannot identity whicht type of melon it is.

Rose Garden Herbal Tea
Peach Rooibos Herbal Tea

Rose Garden Herbal Tea

Item Code                                    TF0123

Peach Rooibos Tea

Item Code                                    TF0103

-The aroma of Rose infused into a simple cup of tea.  Your senses become fully awaken from just a small sip. Take a deep breath and let the beautiful aroma of  ourRose Garden Herbal Tea take you into a world of joy and wonder.

-The minty flavor of Rooibos tea dancing with a fruity peach aroma in a simple cup of tea. Enough said...
*Product photos for reference only, final product is ground up for better tea extraction using the Espresso Machine

Ground Loose Tea

Toffee Assam Black Tea

English Toffee Assam Tea

Item Code                                    TF0011B

-A classic English Toffee flavored Assam tea. This tea has a special character of buttery creaminess. It is the perfect tea base for a tea latte. We like to serve it chilled with cream.

White Grape Oolong Tea

Fresh Peach Oolong Tea

Item Code                                    TF0081

-The flavorful aroma of fresh peach magically infused into the Oolong tea during the fermentation process. A wonderful tea and fruit delight mixed to a perfection.
Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Item Code                                    TF014

-The flowal aroma that this tea gives is just magnificent. Your senses will bath in the aroma of Osmanthus Flower with every sip. This tea will not disappoint anyone who appreciates flowal tea.

*Product photos for reference only, final product is ground up for better tea extraction using the Espresso Machine

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